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In addition to the organisation of your activity, there is yet another challenge that awaits for you: Raise as much funds as possible for the research projects of the Demoucelle Parkinson Charity. 

We are happy to give you some tips: Do not wait ! The sooner you start collecting funds, the more sponsors you can find. That is why we advise you to start your sponsor search immediately after your registration.

Call on your network
Your loved ones can support you. Do not hesitate to call on your family to support you with a donation to Demoucelle Parkinson Charity (from € 40 it is tax-exempt). The more you talk about it in your direct environment, the faster you reach your goal. A gift can be made in various ways:

Online via your promotion page

 Once your page is actif, your sponsors can support you with an online gift


Your sponsors can also support you in cash. 

Call on your colleagues and employer
There are many potential sponsors in your company: your colleagues or your employer may be interested in your initiative and willing to support you in this challenge. They also receive a tax certificate for each donation as from € 40.

Organize a campaign.
Organize an event: pancake feast, tombola, spaghetti sausage, beer tasting, sales of all kinds of products, ....
You kill 2 birds with one stone: you collect money while you are having fun!

Talk about it with everyone
Talk about your project, your challenge and Demoucelle Parkinson Charity every time you get the chance. And who knows, you can convince some to join you in your adventure!

Share your action page
After your registration you will receive a unique URL address to your action page where everyone can come to support you. Share this page with everyone!

Advocate for our projects.
The funds you collect for the 20 km of Brussels aims at supporting Demoucelle Parkinson Charity. Tell us about our projects, why you want to support them and why the work of Demoucelle Parkinson Charity is important to you. Do not hesitate to refer your stakehlders to the website of Demoucelle Parkinson Charity where they can find all the necessary information!

Send an e-mail to your contacts to inform them about your activity :

Dear friends,

This year I decided to do a special  action: I will .... for the Demoucelle Parkinson Charity!

The participation to this event is above all a personal commitment, besides the .... challenge. That is way I have committed myself to finding many sponsors who wil allow me to raise funds. 

This year, the runners of Demoucelle Parkinson Charity decided to raise € 180,000.

We want to further fund the research project AC IMMUNE, which focuses on tracing alpha-synucleine that occurs in a distorted version in the brain of Parkinson's patients. A solution to stop this spread wil enbale us to find a diagnosis for the disease and see which therapy really works for the disease. 

 The donations are directly and integrally transferred to the Demoucelle Parkinson Charity. It is thanks to your contribution that I can achieve my goal.

By sponsoring me, you make the difference for thousands, even millions of people who could be cured from Parkinson's disease. We are extremely grateful for that.

It is very simple: go to my fundraising page, and you can do an online gift.
See you soon,
(Your name)

Thank you very much for your support!

PS: Donations from 40€ are tax-exept.